Welcome to “Ratesnomore” – the website of the Concerned Ratepayers Group.

Rates no more is a movement dedicated to the introduction of a fairer more equitable system of funding local government activities, and is of particular relevance to Ratepayers and Renters – who directly or indirectly shoulder the financial burden that keeps all local councils functioning.

Rates no more is responding to a growing groundswell of New Zealand property owners – particularly homeowners – who wish to curb rampant Rate increases and “out of control” Council spending.

Rates no more is lobbying for the current archaic and outdated rating system to be abolished, and replaced with a fairer more equitable, more universal, user-pays type system, based on taxable income, rather than on notional and inaccurate property valuations which take no account of subscribers’ ability to pay.  To see how this can be achieved, click onto “Alternative to Rates”.

In order to bring about change, Rates no more must demonstrate to Central Government the magnitude of nation-wide dissatisfaction with the current system, so SUPPORT US NOW! – by clicking on “Support Us” to register your vote for change.  Spread the word and encourage other ratepayers, renters, and others to visit our site and give us their support.